Call For Abstracts

1 FEBRUARY, 2022 

The Scientific Committee is pleased to invite authors to submit their abstracts for oral or poster presentations.

For abstracts to be considered, the presenting author needs to APPLY TO REGISTER

in conjunction with abstract submission. 

Oral Presentations: 15-minute time slot (including discussion) 

Posters: poster size 200 cm (height) x 90 cm (width)


All submitted abstracts will be reviewed for acceptance based on scientific merit. 

Inclusion of abstracts in the scientific program is dependent on payment of registration fees.

Abstract Title: Please choose a brief title (maximum of 100 characters) that clearly indicates the content of the contribution. 

Authors: The names and affiliations of ALL authors should be included in the abstract (i.e. department, institution, city/state, country). 

Abstract Body: Please ensure that your abstract contains no more than 300 words, not including the title, author names and affiliations.

Keywords: Please indicate three keywords for your abstract.

Session Topic: Please choose one of the following:

  1. Fine-tuning of the Universe

  2. Origin of Life: Pre-biotic chemistry

  3. Origin of Life: Lipids

  4. Origin & Fine-tuning of the Genetic Code

  5. Pathways to Functional Islands in Protein Sequence Space

  6. Evolution of Novel Proteins by Modification

  7. Evolutionary genetics 

  8. Fine-tuning of Biological Systems I 

  9. Fine-tuning of Biological Systems II

  10. New approaches in Evolutionary Theory

  11. What is emerging?




  • Abstracts must be submitted via the online submission button.

  • All abstracts must be submitted in English.

  • The presenter will receive all notifications.

  • If submitting more than one abstract, each abstract must be uploaded separately.


Once you have submitted your abstract, you can edit the document/authors/affiliations etc. by logging in again. 



You can check the status of abstracts submitted by logging in. Click on the abstract tab to track the review process. Once your abstract has been reviewed, the presenter will receive an email notification. 


Decision notifications (acceptance/rejection, final presentation format) will be sent by email to the presenter approximately a month after the submission deadline. We ask you to understand that the number of slots for oral presentations are limited. Therefore, some presenters may be asked to adapt their oral presentations to posters. Invitations for oral presentations must be confirmed within the time-frame indicated in the email.